Atuk Cucu Chair By Amy Liang

 Pre-Order : 5-8 Weeks

This is a chair designed as a life companion which able to respond to different stage as we grow, so it “means more to us”. Besides the infants and old folks that require special needs, the chair blurs the boundaries between the children chair and adult chair, what we need to do is just to rotate it, this created a harmony relationship between functionality, users and time.

The chair is not revolutionary, but more evolutionary. It’s a MY LIFETIME CHAIR or ATOK & CUCU’s CHAIR. It’s a chair that could be with us from kid to adult or passing down to next generation as an object with sentimental value like great grandma’s wedding dress.

Size (mm) : 600 W x 600 D x 650 H

Materials: Rubber wood (Malaysian oak) structure with bamboo weave support

Designer: Amy Liang

Weight: 10kg

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